Pool Phone:  605-363-3850
Pool Hours:  1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm Daily when the temperature is above 70 degrees.
Pool Managers:  Michelle Edwards and Rani Gordon

Opening date is June 5.

POOL IS OPEN - check Facebook for any daily closures due to temperature, etc.

Currently, this page has the information that was posted on the city's facebook page regarding the pool.  It will be updated soon to look nicer, but in the meantime, here's the information we have available.   Follow us on Facebook.  Link is on home page, or search for "City of Montrose, SD".

June 6:
Montrose Area Foundation board met tonight. Grants were awarded to Montrose Swimming Pool ($10,000), Vacation Bible School ($250), and Montrose School Family Math Project ($200).

Wow!! Thank You, Montrose Area Foundation for the generous grant for the swimming pool!!!

Please help the city say thank you to MAF by creating handmade cards or letters that I can deliver to them. Let's show just how much the community loves the swimming pool and MAF's dedication to the Montrose community!Wow!! Thank You, Montrose Area Foundation for the generous grant for the swimming pool!!!

You may drop the cards off in the drop box outside the city office

May 30:

I've been getting some emails and calls for more information on swim lessons. At this time, I don't have any additional information than what was previously shared. I promise, just as soon as I get more info, I will share it here and on the website. I created a new "Pool" page on the website to post all the same info I'm putting on Facebook.

Remember to select the "See First" setting for the Facebook page if you want to be sure to see every update as soon as possible.

It looks like we're still on for opening June 4, however, we still need someone to put sand in the filtration system before we can make the water clean. We are at the mercy of the company that will be doing that work. Stay tuned, and I'll keep you updated.

On a good note, the pool has been getting filled and (knock on wood) seems to be holding!


June 5:  

YAY!!!! The pool is opening today! With the hot temperatures today, it's just in time!

Family Season Pass for immediate family members only - $50

Individual Season Pass - $30

Daily Pass - $1 for kids, $2 for adults.

Call or stop by the pool to sign up for swim lessons. Do not comment on the post below or call the city office. You must contact the pool!

In Session 1 - June 11 - June 22 there are openings for Level 4 and Level 5. Level 4 is at 9:15 to 9:45. Level 5 is 8:30-9:00 am. Monday through Thursday with Friday being a weather make up day if needed.

Session 2 (July 9 - 20), and 3 (July 23 - August 2) are now available for sign up at the pool.

Level 1 11:30 - 12:00
Level 2 10:45 - 11:15
Level 3 10:00 - 10:30
Level 4 9:15 - 9:45
Level 5 8:30 - 9:00

Lessons are $25 per child.

Private Lessons may be scheduled by appointment with the instructor for $20 per half hour lesson - paid to the City of Montrose. Contact the pool for more information.

Pool Phone: 605-363-3850

Pool Hours: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm Daily when the temperature is above 70 degrees.

I will be out of the office the remainder of this week for training. So the pool managers will comment on this message with any daily updates or information they need to share. You can follow all notifications on this post by clicking the three dots in the top right of the post, and then selecting "Get all notifications for this post".

Happy Swimming!!

May 24:

The temporary caulking repairs to the pool have been completed. Daryl will begin filling the pool soon. Right now the tentative opening date is June 4. Hours will be 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm Daily when the temperature is above 70 degrees.

Season Passes: $50 per family --- **immediate family only**. NO babysitters, grandparents, nieces/nephews etc may be included on the family pass. $30 for an Individual Pass.

Daily Rates: $2 for Adults. $1 for Children.

***All Children age FIVE and under MUST be accompanied by someone age 13 or older. ***

We are tentatively planning to offer THREE sessions of half hour swim lessons to be held in the mornings. Session times to be determined, but between the hours of 8:30 am and 12:00. Cost will be $25 per child. Currently looking at the following dates of June 11-21 (Daycare/Summer Kare will have early signup for this session to keep the group together*), July 9-19, and July 23-Aug 2 with lessons Monday through Thursday. Friday is the weather make-up day if needed.

We are also going to try offering Private Lessons - $20 per 30 minute session by appointment only - paid to the city. These could be in the evening between 5 and 6, or as the swim instructors' schedules allow.

We have not started signups for lessons yet. I will post further details when I have them. The only information I have at the current time is what I've posted here.

*Daycare/Summer Kare parents - Signup will be done at the Daycare for the June 11-21 session. Make a separate check out to the "City of Montrose" with Swim Lessons in the memo. We are aware of the conflict with football camp. Pending discussion with the swim instructors/pool managers, my plan is to use the Friday, June 15th date, either for just those who miss Tuesday, or for the whole group and not have a lesson on the 12th.

May 8:


It is going to take me some time to prepare the full minutes from last night's council meeting  (Minutes have now been uploaded to the "Minutes" Page. However, I know people are anxious to hear about the decision made regarding pool repairs. Also, to keep rumors from morphing into misinformation, here is a quick recap.

In order to keep the pool open this summer, the City Council approved pursuing a temporary fix of grouting and caulking cracks in the pool. The council will also begin the process of obtaining bids for a new liner to be installed in the fall or next spring. Grants, fundraisers, and donations will be pursued as well as borrowing money from the O'Dell Fund with a repayment plan set by ordinance.

Here's a bit more detail:
Last summer, the pool leaked a considerable amount of water. This spring, the drain lines were pressure tested and a camera was sent through the line. It appears that there are no leaks in the drain.

The pool has many cracks that have been grouted and caulked over the years. An estimate to have this done again this year came in at $6,100. This is a temporary fix. It might not fix all of the leaks, but hopefully will slow it down.

A long-term fix is to have a new liner installed. The estimate we received for that was $70,000. However, the council needs to pass an ordinance to approve the expenditure, utilizing money we will borrow from the O'Dell Fund. The plan is to approve spending up to $100,000 of the O'Dell Fund and repay $10,000 a year for 10 years to replenish the funds.

For any expenditures over $50,000, the city must publish that we are accepting bids, wait for bids to be received, open the bids, and accept the lowest bid that meets specifications. This process can not be completed with enough time for repairs to be done this summer while still keeping the pool open.

Therefore, the decision was made to approve spending the estimated $6,100 on grouting and caulking the cracks.

A few people at the meeting were angry that this was not addressed in the fall. However, I'd like to ask everyone to consider everything that was going on last summer and fall that made the pool issues be tabled til this spring.

The Daycare had a $19,000 deficit just for January through July of 2017. The Director resigned in July. In August, Katie Stiefvater and Stephanie Holland took over as Director and Co-Director, respectively. Along with a lot of engagement from the daycare parents, the daycare has shown an immediate, amazing turn around and is seeing modest profits each month.

In August, the Finance Officer resigned. The Council had to go through the process of publishing the job opening and reviewing applications. Once I was hired, I received two days of training on August 28 and 29 on the water billing process before the previous Finance Officer left.

In September, the 2018 Budget was due by the 30th, and it hadn't been started. By holding a few special council meetings, we were able to develop and approve the 2018 Budget on time.

In October, we were focused on the bidding process for garbage service. Our existing contract was expiring at the end of the year.

By November, the weather was too poor to pursue any fixes to the pool so the discussion was tabled til early spring. We've had snow through early April, leaving little time for diagnosing the problem and getting repair estimates.

Now that we've spent time this spring looking into the root cause of the leaks, we are now pursuing a temporary fix to allow the pool to open this summer, and will also begin the process so we can install a new liner as a permanent fix.

While hindsight is 20/20 and it would have been preferable to address this sooner, it is my opinion that the city is making some very positive steps in the right direction in multiple areas, and we are all doing the best we can with the knowledge we have. Citizens are always welcome at City Council meetings to hear about the work that is being done.

Well, that wasn't as short of a recap as I intended when I started, but I hope that gives you the information you'd like to know. As always, questions/comments can be sent to the city at montrose@goldenwest.net.

Stay tuned for full meeting minutes later this week.