If you haven't already completed a damage assessment with the Red Cross, please see info about meeting in image above.  Also call 211 to submit a damage report to the Helpline Center.  The more information that can be gathered now, the better.  THANKS!

***Garbage Pickup Info***

Addy will pick up two weeks worth of garbage on Friday. They will also be picking up Recycling. The regular recycling schedule will resume the following week, so there will be two weeks in a row of recycling pickup.

DO NOT PUT FLOOD DAMAGED ITEMS OUT FOR ADDY TO PICK UP FROM THE CURB. There are dumpsters available on Main Street where you can take your flood damaged items. Only regular household trash will be picked up. If you put flood damaged items out with your garbage, it will be left behind.

NO plastic bags of any kind can be in your recycling. No grocery bags, no ziplock bags, no garbage bags. No plastic bags of any kind. This is new because of a new recycling plant being used and their rules on this are strict.

Tuesday afternoon 9/17/19 update:


1. If you didn't talk with the Red Cross while they were in town, you may contact them at their Sioux Falls Office. They didn't give me a number to provide, but I found this online. If anyone calls and finds out it's not the right number, please let me know so I can update my info!

Red Cross
Eastern South Dakota
2925 E. 57th Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57108
Phone: 605-336-2448


2. The City Office will be open tomorrow from 9 am to 10:30. It is closing at 10:30 so I can attend a Finance Officer meeting. I hope to get some advice from other city FOs who have gone through the post-flood process before, or at least find a good contact person to whom I can ask all the questions that are bound to come up in the next several weeks. Office will be open regular hours on Thursday (9:00 - 12:00).

3. I have several emails from people asking to join the emergency alert text system. I haven't yet added you, but will get to it just as soon as possible. At that time I'll send out a test message and reply to your email so you know. I haven't forgotten you.

4. Aside from the text alert emails mentioned in #3, if you've emailed or called or otherwise contacted me and I haven't responded, please contact me again.

5. Everyone wants to know more about garbage pickup and recycling. I still haven't talked with Addy about it. It will be my highest priority To-Do item tomorrow. Check back for more info.

6. Meals will continue to be available in the Community Center through Friday. The food was donated by members of our community and surrounding communities (Humboldt, Orland Colony, etc). Thank you to the numerous people who provided this food.


For residents who have damage:

RED CROSS will be doing door to door assessments tomorrow (Monday, September 16) for all properties that were impacted by the flood. If you have damage from the flood, please have someone at the property to talk with the Red Cross.

They will be in town starting as early as 8 am.

Sunday afternoon update (1:25 pm):

Residents can begin to use water/sewer again. This is subject to change, so be alert for any updates. Please be conservative with your use especially in the beginning as we keep an eye on the lift station.

Residents impacted by the flood should be available tomorrow (Monday, September 16) to talk with the Red Cross.

Unless the school district sends out a different message, plan on school resuming tomorrow.

Daycare will reopen tomorrow.

Bring all hazardous materials that need to be disposed of to the city shop. A pile will be started there for disposal. Hazardous waste includes: cleaners, stains, varnishes, batteries, automotive fluids, pesticides, herbicides, certain paints, etc...)

Sandbags that are no longer being used should be placed in the dump truck located at the sandbag fill area.

The Community Center has a lot of bottled water and food available today. We received a generous donation of ribs and pork loin from someone near Humboldt. My apologies that I do not know the name of the donor right now. If you're in town and need something to eat or drink, stop by!

I will occasionally check Facebook today for questions, but please expect some delay in getting a response today. If I get any additional updates, I will be sure to pass those along.



You will need to have the following information ready before your electricity can be turned back on. Also, electricity will not be restored until water recedes past 1st Avenue *OR* Monday, whichever is later.

You must have a licensed electrical contractor (cannot be a journeyman) do an inspection. If any water has entered your panel, it must be replaced.

The licensed electrical contractor must provide a signed written statement with the following:

1. Contractor Name
2. Contractor Company Name
3. Contractor EC number
4. Address of property where inspection took place
5. Name of property owner
6. Statement that electrical appears safe, or what steps had to be taken to make it safe and that it is now in a safe condition.
7. Contractor's signature.

If you do not have this signed statement or if any of this information is missing, the restoration of your electrical service could be delayed.

Update 9/14/2019 11:30:

Water/Sewer Ban still in effect.  

Update 9/13/19 10:45

NO WATER/SEWER USAGE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Water is drinkable.  Just don't let it go down the drain.  No laundry.  No dishwashing.  No baths.  No flushing toilets.

Portable toilets are being set up around town.

Update 9/12/19 7:00 pm

There was a short meeting held just now by McCook County Emergency Management that included members of the city council, city maintenance, representatives from electric and natural gas service, and others. Here's what you need to know:

They expect a slower increase in flood water from here on out, but still two more feet yet to rise. The crest is expected on Saturday afternoon. Due to no interest, there will not be a shelter open in Montrose. However, there is a shelter available in Salem at the Armory.

I-90 is closed. Hwy 38 is closed. The bridge over the river on Clark Street (254th) is closed. Valley Road is Closed. There is debris in the water, so even if the water level isn't high on the road, you may get stuck on debris. So DO NOT DRIVE in flood water! Do not walk/play around in floodwater! At the present time, it is believed that the road going south from Montrose (451) is clear from here to Hwy 42. Drive at your own risk and be careful if you do have to travel.



Update 9/12/19 5:15 pm
If you live on 2nd Avenue south of Kluckholm you must evacuate by 6:00 pm.  Leave a visible note on your door that you've evacuated. 

If you evacuate in a non-mandatory area, please also leave a note, send an email to montrose@goldenwest.net or otherwise let someone know so first responders don't try to rescue you when you're not even there.

The water is rising further and faster than anticipated.  More evacuations may be ordered. 

Update 9/12/19 4:00 pm

SDDOT has announced that an additional section of I-90 will be closing later Thursday afternoon, between Mitchell and Sioux Falls.

I-90 is currently closed between the junction of Highway 281 and Highway 37.

Floodwaters continue to rise in the eastern part of the sate. Crews are continuing to monitor both roadway and bridge structures for safety.

Messages as of Thursday 9/12/19 10:45 am:


It is predicted that this flood will be worse than the flood of 1993, and will crest 1.5 feet above any records.  Most water will come this afternoon/evening, but crest won't be until the weekend.

Please do not call City Maintenance unless it is an Absolute, Urgent Emergency.  Daryl is extremely busy trying to protect the sewer system.

Facebook is going to be your best option for up to date messages.  I'll try my best to keep both updated, but Facebook will be faster.

Messages as of Thursday 9/12/19 7:45 am:

Montrose School District has cancelled classes for the day.  McCook County has declared a No Travel Advised warning.  The City Office will be closed, but I'll be reachable via email at montrose@goldenwest.net.  .

Do not drive through floodwater whether there are barricades in place or not.  

As far as I know right now, Highway 38 just east of town is closed.  1st Avenue is closed.  The roads to the lagoons and by the campground/pool are closed.  Find alternate routes.  

Messages as of Wednesday 9/11/19 at 3:30 pm:

1st Avenue is closed until at least the morning of September 12 due to flooding.  Please do not drive around barricades or into any floodwater.  Also, please conserve water for the next 24 hours as all of the rain/flooding is causing the sewer system to work harder than usual.  

If you are interested in receiving emergency text alerts, please see the FAQ page for more info!

Evening Update:  The SD DOT has closed the bridge on Hwy 38 east of Montrose until further notice.

Upcoming Office Closures or Updated Hours:

Wednesday, September 18 - For Finance Meeting
Monday, October 14 - Due to Native American Day / No School
Wednesday & Thursday, November 27 & 28 - Due to Thanksgiving Holiday
December 23 - January 3 - Limited Hours (tbd) due to Christmas Break

 Reminder:  The City Office will close following the School District calendar and closures.  

City Office Walk-In Hours:
Monday 9:00-12:00 & 1:00-3:00
Wednesday 9:00-12:00
Thursday 9:00-12:00
City Office: 605-363-5065 
Campground:  605-480-1999
Emergency Maintenance:  605-370-1240

We are now on Facebook!


Montrose is a small South Dakota community of approximately 480 people located along the banks of the Vermillion River.  The town offers a seasonal campground and pool. The downtown offers Security State Bank, Post Office, Raggedy Ann's furniture and decor, CJ's at the Wellington restaurant, The Office Bar, and the Montrose Gas Plus convenience store.  Montrose also offers a Public School for grades K-12, as well as City Daycare, which provides preschool classes.  It is home to 3 churches: St Patrick's Catholic Church, St John's Lutheran and Montrose United Methodist.  Come visit us or check us out as a place to reside. We're just a short commute east to Sioux Falls, or west to Mitchell.


See the FAQ page for info on Emergency Text Alerts, Garbage/Recycling Pick up, etc.
Community Events:
September 18
Office Closed for Finance meeting
November 30
Garbage Pickup on Saturday due to holiday
December 28
Garbage Pickup on Saturday due to holiday

If you have an event open to the entire community of Montrose and would like to see it featured on the city website, send an email to montrose@goldenwest.net with all the details!